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District Information


Bruning and Davenport K-12 schools developed a working relationship beginning in 1989 with co-oping football. Over the following decade, they began sharing a superintendent and faculty. In 1995, the two schools shared classrooms by sending students back and forth to take advantage of class size. With the loss of state aid and declining enrollments, the two districts unified on June 1, 2000, creating Bruning-Davenport Unified School District.

Today, Bruning-Davenport Unified School District is a school of 183 students with PK-1 elementary facilities at the Bruning site and grades 2-4 at Davenport, a 5-8 grades middle school in Davenport, and a 9-12 grades high school in Bruning.  This is our eighteenth year of the unification agreement between Bruning and Davenport. Seventeen miles separate the two school sites. The district has 26 full-time and 2 part-time certified teachers and two administrators. We co-op with Shickley Public Schools in both a junior high and high school sports program. Our coop has been successful in offering opportunities for competition at both levels. We provide online dual-credit options in multiple curricular areas through SENCAP and local colleges (i.e. UNL, Peru State, SCC). Bruning-Davenport USD has 1:1 laptops for grades 6-12. We create opportunities for our students to enhance their 21st-century skills through technology (i.e. Spheros, Tynker, drones, 3-D printer, Carvey, Legos, coding).


Option enrollment forms are available in the Business Office located in Davenport, or on this website under forms. Option enrollment may only be exercised one-time per student from their resident district.  Parents are encouraged to fill out requests after September 1 for the next school term. These applications are processed and accepted by date of application.

When scheduling for the next year begins, resident students are accepted first into their attendance centers followed by intra-district transfers, and then option students with siblings currently enrolled and then option students without siblings attending the requested attendance center.

Again, parents are encouraged to complete these applications early as the Nebraska State Athletic Association has a May 1 cutoff date for high school option students to compete at the varsity level.


Participation in student activities is an important part of students’ lives during their formative years. Bruning-Davenport USD encourages participation in clubs, athletics, music, speech, drama, and yearbook. Activities are extremely valuable and fulfilling experiences for students.

The students of BD USD  can be proud of the role they played during the school year and the many successes they experienced being involved in our activities program.  The support of our school/community promotes a positive relationship and encourages students to strive for excellence in their chosen activities. The objectives of school activities programs are to develop a positive self-image, understand how to cooperate with others, and be productive and contributing members of society.